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Happy Prime Day(s)! As a reader, you know that Duluth Mom is all about promoting and supporting local businesses and makers! But sometimes, we arent able to get everything we like or need in town.  Common items that my family purchases on Amazon include: 50lb bags of rice, Korean seaweed paper, and when my daughter was small, it was way more cost effective for us to have the Happy Baby Yogurt Melts on auto-order! As the holidays approach this year, we will most definitely be creating local shopping guides, highlighting our local small businesses – so keep an eye out!

Here are 10 Amazon deals that I felt would make your mom life more enjoyable, and just simply easier – take a look! 

The Deals


Just think, podcasts while going for a walk, an audio book that may not be appropriate for children’s ears while cooking supper…so much multi-tasking and so many more reasons why these are great!


Gallery Wall Picture Frames

In my house, I use simple frames like these to frame my daughter’s artwork, to add some local art to my home office, or to display family pictures in the home. There are so many uses!

Robotic Vacuum 

Personally, I dont think a robotic vacuum would work best for our lifestyle and home, but I know that it is on many moms wishlists! Set its boundaries, go run errands or go to work, and come home to a clean home!


Hot Beverage Travel Mug

Sometimes I will use a travel mug even if I do not plan on leaving the house! It will keep the coffee warm through all of the diapers, melt-downs and feedings.

Hot Chocolate

Im pretty sure your kids will think you are the BEST MOM EVER if you pull these out during a frustrating distance learning break, or after a chilly Duluth day outside! Just add your marshmallows and you’re set.


InstaPot Pressure Cooker

Need fast meals but sick of PBJs and Drive Thru food? Cook wholesome meals in minutes. Our family uses ours for white rice the most.

Night Lights

No more stubbing your toe on the nightstand when the baby cries in the middle of the night! Perfect for the hallways, or even for the nursery so you dont have to turn the overhead lights on.


Fire 7 Tablet – Kids Edition

Minutes or hours of educational and entertaining options for your kiddos.  Whether you have strict screen time limits at your house or not, these are still perfect for long trips to Grandma’s or on flights. Add the kindleunlimited digital subscription to it for a variety of kids books and publications too!

Windshield Scraper

It has happened to all of us, we have been in a rush to get out the door for school drop off and when we get to our cars, we forget that the nights are freezing and frost accumulates on our windshields.  Dont get stuck without the tools to make your mornings run more smoothly.


Ring Doorbell

It is quiet common in Duluth to be living in an ancient house that does not have a hardwired doorbell or even an outside outlet.  Not only will Ring let you know when visitors arrive at your doorstep, but it will let you know exactly who and what is there. Think the next time you are in the basement in the middle of switching over the laundry and you hear the doorbell – you can look to see if you need to go answer the door, or if its just the FedEx guy leaving a package.

Happy shopping!

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Andrea Jang
A lake girl at heart, Andrea is thrilled to be a Duluthian! She lives in the Hillside with her husband, daughter (plus two angel babies that are with them in spirit), and two rescue pups. As a bi-racial and multicultural family, they have hopes and dreams of visiting her husband’s family in South Korea someday soon. Tiny joys that make her heart happy include: doodling, searching for sea glass, coffee with friends, fiber art, plants, a good vintage thrift find, music and great food & drinks. She also finds purpose in serving on the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Justice (DEIJ) committee at her daughter’s school, and also on City Mom Collective’s Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) committee. You will find her building community, connections and friendships in the northland as the owner of Duluth Mom. She invites you to visit her on Instagram or on LinkedIn.