A Way to Honor and Remember Pregnancy and Infant Losses


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month.

Loss of a pregnancy or infant is sadly a part of a lot of our motherhood stories. I know too well, loss is a part of my own motherhood journey.

Our Forever Remembered Wall is dedicated to babies we have lost that have made a mark in our lives and hearts. Honoring these little lives, however brief, is important and healing.

A Way to Honor and Remember Pregnancy and Infant Losses | Duluth Mom

A heartbreaking 25% of pregnancies do not reach full-term. When we lose our babies, even if it is marked on a calendar, it can often feel as if you’re the only one remembering.

We would be honored to remember your loss with you visually by adding them to our Forever Remembered Wall, even if they are not named. Your baby’s name, due date or loss date will stay on our site indefinitely here.

We are so very sorry for your loss, and we grieve with you, mama.

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