12 Duluth Summer Essentials for Active Moms


After you have kids, everything changes. At Duluth Mom we 100 percent are alllll for being comfortable in the body you are in, proud of what it has done, and not feeling like you have to cover anything up. BUT sometimes you feel like being extra. Sometimes you long for your pre-kid self. Sometimes you are in a wedding at the end of a pandemic and need to pull yourself together.  Here are a few essentials I am keeping on hand this summer!

Disclaimer: Duluth Mom is an Amazon Affiliate and we have linked three of the products with affiliate links in order to make our suggestions super easy for you to find! If you choose to order through these links, Duluth Mom may be compensated a very small amount (we are talking 1-3%) for sharing these products with you, in hopes to make your mom life easier this summer. Any compensation will never be an extra cost to you. We will put {aff.} behind the links that are affiliate links in full transparency and following FTC guidelines.
Duluth Mom is also very passionate about supporting local {especially mom-owned} businesses and we link to them whenever possible. You will find these mom-owned businesses listed with {M} behind the name.
Goodr sunglasses duluth
Goodr glasses Duluth

1. Sunglasses – My absolute favorite for the third summer in a row now are sunglasses made by Goodr.  Free Air Life Co. {M} and Trailfitters at Fitgers both sell them locally. One weekend my husband took the car with my sunglasses in it (I need to wear sunglasses otherwise I get migraines) so I let my daughter pick out a fun second pair. Pink flamingos- so fun for summer.

2. Monistat anti-chaffing gel {aff.}- I know that Monistat has a reputation for selling yeast infection products, but this is not a yeast infection product.  You can apply this gel where you need a layer of comfort – thighs, heels, bra-line etc. Life changing.

3. Lume deodorant wipes– Have you seen ads all over social media for Lume products? I was influenced and had to try it out.  It is taking me awhile to get used to the deoderant paste, but I LOVE the wipes. They do not leave any residue on your clothing, and they smell good.

4. Body Blurr {aff.}- I was in a wedding this summer and used Body Blurr to even out funny tanlines, mask my spider veins a bit, and just add an overall bronze look to my skin. Make sure to choose the shade that matches your skin tone best – they have a variety of options.  I am super pale and turn more flush than tan in the summer, and the tone I linked was great for me.

5. Boob Tape {aff.} with Petals and dress tape – These items allow you to basically wear whatever top or sundress you want, without the hassle of finding the perfect {usually uncomfortable and sliding off of you} bra. I was clueless about how to use these items, so I searched Pinterest.  Here is the best diagram of examples that I found in case you need some guidance, too.

6. Fitish After- Sun Tone Down spray– I first started using this product because I heard it had great reviews for helping eczema. It quickly became a summer favorite after being in the heat and sun. It does have CBD in it, so you need to be 21+ to order the product, and it isn’t recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

7. Sunscreen brush– I love sunscreen brushes because they are not greasy, they are SO easy to re-apply, there is no chance of it leaking in your bag, and they are usually tinted. I have two different brushes – one is the ColorScience SPF 30 that I buy at Twin Ports Dermatology {M} in town. The other is this Peter Thomas Roth {aff.} one from Amazon or Ulta locally.

DLH Clothing hat

8. Baseball cap I haven’t always been a hat person, but since becoming a mom I keep at least one around. Hats hide my grown roots, add a little veil over my under-eye bags, and protect my skin from the sun. My two favorites this summer are DHL {M} or a Lake Superior hat from Blue Arrow Boutique.

9. Swimsuit – I have vowed not to sit on the edge of waters anymore, and to join my daughter in my suit – it is liberating. My favorite suit this year is this one from Target. I actually feel good wearing it, and I can be active with my daughter at the beach. 

10. Waterproof hiking shoes – Many outdoor enthusiasts love Chacos, Tevas, or Birks which are all great. I found that these simple water shoes from Speedo work well enough to keep up with my daughter while hiking, and also allow me to get my feet wet in creeks or the lake without getting blisters after.

11. Cool Beverages – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But when you are bored with the H2O, here are a couple of my current favorites! I am obsessed with Bubblr energy drinks by day and Aperol Spritz by night. If you do not want to buy the ingredients for an Aperol Spritz, pick up a pack of Vikre Distillery’s {M} newest beverage, Vélo. {Iced coffee makes its way in the lineup every once in a while too.}

Aperol Spritz Duluth

12. Membership– We have so many great local attractions in Duluth! Think of the one establishment that your family frequents most often and look into a year-long family membership there. Oftentimes, members receive “member only” perks, you will save money, and the best thing of all – you will eliminate one decision that you have to make on the next day your kids tell you they are bored. A couple of my favorite memberships include the Glensheen and the Great Lakes Aquarium.

Utilize our summer planner if you would like a visual of each week. Have a great summer, stay safe, and enjoy our gorgeous city.


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