Easy Cold Brew Coffee at Home


Easy Cold Brew Coffee at Home | Duluth Moms BlogAs the weather warms up here in Northern Minnesota and summer finally arrives I start thinking of how to up my iced coffee game. We all know you can go to most coffee shops and get a delicious iced or blended cold coffee beverage, but what about making one of these delicious drinks in the comfort of your own home? Well, I am going to share my easy cold brew coffee tips and tricks!  

The process of heating the water and the coffee grounds actually extracts some of the bitter flavors of the coffee bean. Using the cold brew process eliminates those bitter qualities and leaves you with a smooth, silky tasting coffee! 

So how can you make this delicious coffee at home?  You will need the following items:

• Whole Coffee Beans

• Coffee Grinder

• Water

• ½ Gallon Mason Jar

• Strainer

• Cheese Cloth

  1. Take one cup of coffee beans and coarsely grind them in your grinder (you can use a food processor since you do not need to get the beans into a fine powder, I use my Ninja). DO NOT OVER GRIND!  You want them broken up but not as fine as the coffee you put in your coffee pot.                                                           
  2. Put coarsely ground coffee beans into your ½ gallon mason jar and add 4 cups of water; filtered is best but tap water is fine.
  3. Put cover on the jar and let sit on your counter overnight, or at least 10 hours. Try not to let it sit more than 14 hours as this can cause some of the bitter flavors of the coffee beans to come out in the coffee.
  4. After “brewing” for 10-12 hours strain though the strainer and then again through a strainer with the cheese cloth over it.
  5. Store in a clean mason jar in your fridge!

I usually “brew” my cold coffee Saturday night and have 2 jars that last me the entire week! I add a splash of vanilla flavor syrup and milk and it tastes just like a vanilla latte! Make an extra jar every couple weeks to make coffee ice cubes so as the ice melts your coffee doesn’t get watered down.

Add a scoop of vanilla or coffee ice cream, some of the cold brew, and a couple of coffee ice cubes to the blender and make your own Frappuccino! Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Cold Brew and some Irish Cream Liquor or Rum Cream is always a hit at Sunday Brunch!

Now that you have mastered the art of cold brew the only thing left to do is enjoy… and decide if it’s too early to add the rum cream!