Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas


Easter is sneaking up on us and I’m starting to pull together my Easter Basket Ideas. When our littlest was a baby, the Easter Bunny had this brilliant idea to color code the eggs. He left each kid a bucket in the morning that corresponded to what color eggs they were searching for. When your littlest is 2 and your oldest is 7, it’s really the only way to ensure that the little one actually gets a chance to find an egg. It also ensures that it’s fair. Fair has become my absolute least favorite word as a mom but I started the fair when they were little and now they expect color-coded Easter eggs.

Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas | Duluth Moms Blog

For a year or two or maybe three more years they still believe in magic. So, for a year or two or maybe even three more Easters, I will color code the Easter eggs and I will make sure they get something special. I’ve gone many different ways with the Easter magic over the years but I’m going with the old standby this year: candy, money, bubbles, and gift cards. Peeps, bubble gum, a (color-coded golden egg with) the elusive $20, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, Starburst jelly beans, and a gift card. My oldest is all hot to trot on Kinder Surprise eggs so even though you can get them in the United States, Amazon has everything. So, I ordered some. It’s the novelty item of the year and apparently has a small toy inside the egg. If you have kids under 3, Kinder Surprise eggs are probably not the best idea but mine are a bit older and will get a huge kick out of it.

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls and Boys

I have one nine-year-old girl, an eight-year-old boy, and a five-year-old boy. They are all vastly different and have different interests. Some of the things in their baskets will be the same and some will be unique to them. My oldest son is all sports all of the time and he’s getting a floorball stick and some balls and a new baseball mitt. I’m new to the word of floorball but from what I’ve seen from consulting Dr. Google, it’s a neat concept that should help him with reflexes and more importantly, it will give him something to do. The little boy is all into LEGOS® and rocks so he’s getting a new LEGO® set and some of those Diamond Dig It kits you can get at Target. He’s a big fan and he’s pretty sure that if we just buy enough of them that one day he will get a diamond. My daughter likes Shopkins (or anything that comes in a blind bag where she can get something rare and exclusive) and LEGOS® so we will be going that way. She also loves jewelry and books and stuffed animals so I’ll be rounding out her basket with that.
Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas | Duluth Moms BlogThat pretty much sums up our Easter baskets this year. Candy and money and toys and something special for each of them.

Themed Easter Basket Ideas

Over the years I’ve done various themes for Easter baskets where they all get the same things.

The Beach Theme – a beach towel, diving toys, swimsuits and rash guards, sun hats, beach buckets and toys, flip flops and sunglasses.
Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas | Duluth Moms BlogThe Art Theme – coloring books, colored pencils, markers, chalk, paint and paintbrushes. Anything art related can be tucked in.
Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas | Duluth Moms BlogThe Baby Theme – bath toys, puffs or cheerios or other foods that they can practice feeding themselves with, a new car seat toy, socks, and a swing for swinging outside in the new warm weather.
Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas | Duluth Moms BlogThe Garden Theme – seed packets, a watering can, gardening gloves, a magnifying glass and a container to study bugs in, rain boots, and an umbrella.
Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas | Duluth Moms Blog
The Fishing Theme – fishing rod, tackle (I like to buy rubber frogs and bait and remove the hooks so they can practice casting), tackle box, fishing hat, and some flip flops. Super cute, right?
Top 6 Easter Basket Ideas | Duluth Moms Blog
What’s going into your Easter baskets this year?