Holiday Traditions: Chocolate Rolo Cookies {RECIPE}


Every Christmas my mom always goes all out making hundreds of cookies and other candies for all of our friends and family to enjoy.  Sugar cookies, peanut butter and coconut bon bons, peanut brittle, fudge and much more have been whipped up in my mom’s kitchen since before I can remember.  As time has gone on she has slowly phased out certain recipes and cut back on the amount of treats she makes during Christmas.  One of my favorite holiday treats that she makes is Chocolate Rolo Cookies.  These, unfortunately, were one of the recipes that recently got phased out so I decided to continue the holiday tradition and make these cookies only at Christmas; even if my husband begs for them year round.  They are easy and delicious and there are steps in the recipe that allow for kids to help!  I even package these up in cute cellophane bags and give them as Christmas gifts to co-workers and my son’s teachers at daycare!

Holiday Traditions: Chocolate Rolo Cookies {RECIPE} | Duluth Moms Blog

Chocolate Rolo Cookies

1 cup Butter

1 cup Sugar (plus 1 tbsp to be used later)

1 cup packed brown sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

2 ½ cup flour

¾ cup cocoa powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 bag of Rolo candies


Cream butter, 1 cup sugar, and brown sugar.  Add Eggs and Vanilla, mix well.  Combine flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda. Slowly add dry ingredients to creamed mixture and beat until just combined.  While you are doing this have your cookie helpers unwrap the Rolos.  Shape about 1 large tablespoon of dough around Rolo candy and dip top into a small dish of sugar or red/green sugar. Place cookie dough ball on baking sheet, sugar up. Bake at 375 degrees for 7-10 minutes or until top is slightly cracked. Cool on baking sheet for 3 minutes then move to wire rack to cool completely. 

Enjoy these easy delicious, chocolate, caramel cookies with your family and friends and don’t forget to share with Santa!!!  

Holiday Traditions: Chocolate Rolo Cookies {RECIPE} | Duluth Moms Blog

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