It’s September, Get Outside! {Free Downloadable Fall Scavenger Hunt}


Everyone has their favorite season, and for me, hand’s down it’s fall. Sure, I enjoy the warm lazy days of summer, but there is just something about fall that makes me giddy. Maybe it’s the crisp fresh air and being able to pull out my comfy sweatshirts again. Or seeing the leaves transform into all shades of yellows, reds, and orange as the seasons change. Or the anticipation of having pumpkin and apple become the dominating fragrances and flavors everywhere you go. These are all some of the reasons I just love fall.

My oldest child is 3.5 years old and I remember her amazement last year (when she was 2.5) as we enjoyed the fall season together. She seemed shocked every day when we looked out the window and saw less green and more vibrant colors on the trees. And since children and natural hoarders (I mean… collectors), we would go pick up leaves and enjoy their colors. This year I know she will be able to enjoy this season even more as she is older and more aware of her surroundings.

It continues to amaze me how observant kids can be! From the migrating birds to the squirrels gathering food for winter, and the leaves changing and blowing, my daughter watches and notices it all while asking so many questions out of curiosity. What a great way to encourage her to learn! So with September here, and winter coming not too far behind, we are keeping it a goal to get outside and enjoy these days. They will go quickly and soon we will be wishing they lasted longer.

If you are looking for a fun way to get your kids to engage in nature check out this scavenger hunt! On your phone or tablet you can tap on this image and hold, and then save it to your camera roll for easy access. Take the time to enjoy a few extra minutes outside as a family. Go for a walk. Go to the park. Enjoy one last bike ride. Or maybe take a drive to a new place and enjoy the colorful views. The Duluth area is full of amazing places to enjoy being outside, you have plenty of choices!

It’s a simple, yet interactive way to enjoy being outside and challenge your kids to observe what they see. If your older kids find this particular scavenger hunt too easy, try timing them and see how quickly they can complete the list. Have a race with each other! Sometimes a little competition can bring a new element of fun for older kids.

Make sure you get outside on these fleeting fall days!