Duluth Core Learning: Helping Kids Show Off Their Smarts

This post is sponsored by Duluth Core Learning, but all opinions within are my own.

Duluth Core Learning: Helping Kids Show Off Their Smarts | Duluth Moms Blog

When my oldest daughter was a baby I remember watching her breeze through her every milestone, usually early, and with an effortlessness that made me feel certain she was a bonafide genius. (I think it’s totally a mother’s prerogative to believe her offspring is unmatched in wit and smarts, right?)

She’s seven now, and in the first grade. Her father and I still burst with pride when we watch her excel in school. She is a quick learner and often brings home stellar grades and report cards. But my belief in her natural ability to always be correct, or to figure out the problem in front of her with ease, has tempered a little.

Like most of us, she has areas of learning that come more naturally to her than others, and doing her best work doesn’t always mean getting perfect scores. Sometimes, our kiddos struggle. New concepts might take longer to “click” or learning difficulties might stem from concentration challenges or the misunderstanding of key building blocks.

Duluth Core Learning

It’s easy to label these troublesome areas as subjects our children, just “aren’t good at” but being dismissive does more harm than good. Getting to the root of the problem and working on ways to fix it creates confident learners who excel where they previously struggled. This is part of the philosophy behind Duluth Core Learning, a group of therapeutic instructors who believe the key to success is to identify the cause of the learning challenge, develop a plan to fix it, and target and train skills that are interfering with successful learning.

Local to Duluth, Duluth Core Learning has been working with students around the Northland since they opened their doors six and a half years ago. Their team works with students in a one-on-one, individualized setting. They provide guidance and cultivate skills that kids might not be strengthened in a traditional school or tutoring session. They focus on reading, writing, comprehension, math, auditory/visual processing, dyslexia, attention, and visual/auditory memory issues.

Duluth Core Learning: Helping Kids Show Off Their Smarts | Duluth Moms Blog

Year Round Opportunities

Are there some areas of concern your children’s teachers mentioned at the last parent-teacher conference? A few lower-than-expected grades on their report cards or progress reports? We may be nearing the end of the school year, but Duluth Core Learning provides learning therapy all year round. Their summer programming starts on June 10th. Kids can strengthen their math, reading, handwriting, and comprehension skills throughout the summer. By the time fall rolls around, your learners will feel confident and ready to tackle a whole new school year.

Of course, Duluth Core Learning also offers learning therapy in the fall, winter, and spring, too, so kids can get individualized sessions whenever they need it. Core wants your kids to be able to show off just how smart they are!

An Offer for Readers

Interested in getting more information about Duluth Core Learning? Send a message or give them a call. If you mention that you heard about them on Duluth Moms Blog, you will receive $150 off a functional skills assessment, which is then used to determine an individualized therapy plan for your child. This offer expires June 1st, so reach out soon to take advantage of it!