What Moms Need to Know About Chester Bowl Fall Fest


I love Chester Bowl Fall Fest. It has a little bit of a Stars Hollow feel to it – any Gilmore Girl lovers out there? At this festival, you are going to see neighbors, eat food, do a little shopping, there will be plenty of space for your children to be children and you will be able to take in the beauty of the fall colors on the trees.

Duluth has so many festivities and events all year long, but Chester Bowl Fall Fest truly feels like an event for the local people who call Duluth home – not for the tourists.

How to Get to Chester Bowl Fall Fest

1801 East Skyline Pkwy Duluth, MN

The event is from 9:30am-4:30pm on Saturday, September 16th, 2023. To get there:

  • Catch a ride on one of the three free shuttle buses (HIGHLY recommended) they will leave from Parking Lot B located at the intersection of College St. and University Dr.
  • Walk/bike – there will be bike racks near the entrance
  • Have someone drop you off
  • Avoid driving directly there at all costs, there is not a lot of parking, and the neighborhood streets are tight.

** there are limited Handicap Accessible spots available **

What to Expect When You Get to Fall Fest

The event is free, but there is a suggested donation of $5 for an individual or $10 for a family. Funds raised will go to the Chester winter program scholarship fund for kids in need who want to participate in winter sports. There are usually volunteers near the entrance with containers for you to drop donations into.

I suggest making a day of Fall Fest – this event is not something you’re just going to want to “pop into”. As mentioned above, you can visit the vendors, take a little hike, grab lunch, listen to some tunes, grab a snack while the kids play on the playground and other activities, and then ride the bus back to your car. I like to make everything an “experience” – my daughter LOVES riding the school bus.

Vendors– There is a mix of farmer’s market items, handmade goods, local products, local services, and more. I just remember the sweetest little ladies trying to manage large stalks of corn as they walked to the shuttle – there may even be corn stocks!

Food – There is food available for purchase, otherwise pack snacks or a picnic lunch of your own. (This is especially a great idea if there are food allergies/sensitivities in your family.)

Music – Live music on the stage will encourage a neighborhood dance sesh.

Bathrooms – Porta potties are available

Stroller/wagon friendly – Babywearing is always a great option as well.

Hiking is available – if you or your family members get overwhelmed or overstimulated easily, take a hike (I mean this in the most loving way honestly) across the bridge for some quiet time in nature. Its also fun to climb partially up the ski run and let the kids roll down – and repeat.

Pack Your Bag for Fall Fest

  • Cash! There is usually an ATM on-site but just plan ahead.
  • Changing pad/diaper/wipes if you have small ones
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen
  • A trash bag for the random garbage that accumulates (doggy bags are great)
  • A blanket or two to sit on in case picnic tables are full
  • Dress in layers – the weather is going to be GLORIOUS this year.  We all know how quickly conditions change, and how different pockets of the city feel warmer or cooler throughout the day. It’s always a good idea to have layers. Id say a light tee/tank with a hoodie or flannel button-up and either jeans or leggings would keep you comfortable. Same with the kiddos. You might even want to throw a couple of lightweight beanies in your bag.
  • Water bottle – bring a bottle with you for each person so you can spend your cash on other things and still stay hydrated.

Have so much fun! Say “Hi” to me if you see Charlee and me – even if I don’t know you, I’d love to say “Hi” to another Duluth Mom!