The 2020 Christmas Lighting Challenge is On!


Growing up, my grandparent’s lived about an hour north of the Twin Ports. Day trips to Duluth with my grandma Deen were without a doubt my favorite way to spend time away from school. No matter the season, we would spend the daylight hours in Canal Park, or at Brighton Beach, then we would cross the “big bridge” for a cone from McDonald’s in Superior. As an elementary school kid from a small rural town, I thought it was just the coolest thing that I was able to cross state lines and visit Wisconsin! As dusk arrived my grandma would drive us up and down the hill amongst all of the historic houses and mansions. The carriage houses and horseshoe driveways were my favorite characteristics of these homes, and during the holidays I loved the festive greens and lights.

Now, as a resident of Duluth, I know those old cobblestone streets we drove up and down were the streets of the Congdon neighborhood.  Little did I know that decades later I would be driving the same streets to gawk at Christmas lights with a family of my own. Viewing the lights is one way we conduct our research in order to cast our best vote for the Christmas Lighting Challenge!

Christmas Lighting Challenge

The question is asked all of the time in our Community and Conversation Facebook group, “Where are the best streets to view Christmas lights at?” We are happy to have an answer for you – for the 6th season, the Christmas Lighting Challenge is happening right now in the Twin Ports! Visit their website to view a list of all of the homes and businesses who are participating in the challenge, all of the addresses are listed.

To add to the excitement, we put together a simple scavenger hunt for you to do with your kids while you are out looking at the light displays. The commonly talked about Exhibition Drive display is a contestant, as well as our partner St. Luke’s! This is a fun, free, and socially distant family event that your kids will enjoy for years to come! Don’t forget to vote on your favorite display, voting is open through December 20th.


Tally Up the Fun

Hey Mom, copy and paste the following list into a note document on your phone, have your kids help you keep count of the lights you see! {Note: Please do not drive and type – it is illegal to have your phone in your and while driving in MN.}

🎅 Santa

⛄ Frosty

🎁 Presents

❄ Snow Globe

🥶 Abominable Snowman

🌟 Star

More Lights to check out in town

This year the Spirit of the North light display at the Glensheen is closed, but Bentleyville is open through the end of the year – Check out our Bentleyville guide here!

Still need to get some holiday shopping done? Great news, there are a few of our favorite local mom owned businesses who are participating in the challenge! Visit Free Air Life Co., DLH Clothing, Bridgeman’s, and Liila Boutique to check out their light displays, and cross a gift or two off of your list!

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Andrea Jang
A lake girl at heart, Andrea is thrilled to be a Duluthian! She lives in the Hillside with her husband, daughter (plus two angel babies that are with them in spirit), and two rescue pups. As a bi-racial and multicultural family, they have hopes and dreams of visiting her husband’s family in South Korea someday soon. Tiny joys that make her heart happy include: doodling, searching for sea glass, coffee with friends, fiber art, plants, a good vintage thrift find, music and great food & drinks. She also finds purpose in serving on the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Justice (DEIJ) committee at her daughter’s school, and also on City Mom Collective’s Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) committee. You will find her building community, connections and friendships in the northland as the owner of Duluth Mom. She invites you to visit her on Instagram or on LinkedIn.