Dear May…


Dear May... | Duluth Moms BlogWhen you live up north life takes on a whole different momentum. You live your year in hopes and dreams, praying for time to stand still in June, July, and August. Enjoying the serenity of September and fighting the inevitable of mid October, the reality of November, and December is a blur no matter where you live. January hits and you think, “if every winter went like this, I could manage through this. January doesn’t seem so bad, it’s already over” and than February comes and you cannot imagine living here any longer. February is both the shortest and the longest month of the entire calendar year and then March makes a landing. March likes to taunt and tease you in the cruelest of ways. How does one survive the harsh realities of living in the coldest city (there are arguments for colder cities, I know, but I live here so that’s how I see it) of the coldest state? There is no simple answer for that.

So are we all nuts, or perhaps it’s just me and I just fall in love with Duluth all over again every May. Because just as you think March is going to take you down swinging the normalities of April slide in with it’s own bipolar disorder and then gracefully gives way to May. May calms the spirit, renews joy, and promises easier times. 365 days a year, it’s a constant battle to get out of bed every January through March. I have been known to study the patterns of the sunrise and sunsets to know when I’ll once again see daylight before and after work. We are void of all color from the first snowfall to the first tree bud and that first bud can happen any time between April and June.

The year the army worms destroyed every living plant life you could see it wasn’t restored until late July, by then we had been void of color for basically nine months. No colors, nine months. We choose to live in harsh climates, under house arrest for most of us, why you ask? Because May through September is the most magical, romantic, love story of our lives. 

I’ve decided to write a letter to May in hopes for her swift return:

Dear May,

PLEASE COME BACK!!! I promise to plant pretty seedlings and trim all the grass edges. I won’t neglect that one dying tree, anymore. I’ll get outside everyday to enjoy even the smallest of sunshine victories (yes that might just be going to and from work, but I’ll make the most of it). I’ll climb mountains, and view sunrises and sunsets. I could even be convinced to clean the porch. I can run in the rain if that would make it easier for you, I won’t cry about it. Should all other arguments fail, I promise to be inspired to cook dinner 5 nights a week (I will probably need help with that).

Your loving dormant earthling…

I jest but really I wish there was a way to speed the time up. The few months most states call spring do not exist here. Our reality is we get two servings of winter and no groundhog has ever convinced me of anything else. It’s in the time of waiting that I miss Washington the most. The tulip season is my favorite so I make a point of buying fresh cut flowers when I can. Even that little bit of color in my home is enough to plant a smile on my face. 

Today as I write this, winter seems forever long and I’m struggling to find motivation. However there’s a small gleam of sunshine behind the clouds and while a storm may be brewing, it won’t be permanent. We are only weeks away from carefree, jacket free, flip flop days. It must be time for a pedicure with my girl. 

Dear May... | Duluth Moms Blog