Instagram Parenting: Utilizing Social Media as a Helpful Resource


Instagram Parenting: Utilizing Social Media as a Helpful Resource | Duluth Moms Blog

Social media. You will hear 100 different opinions about it from 100 different people: the good, the bad, the preferences, the rules, the amount of time you should spend on it. I have found that I take Facebook less seriously these days, and find inspiration more often on Instagram. 

Instagram is my Preference

I enjoy the esthetics of Instagram and it also feels like it has a friendly vibe. Sure, there are still trolls as with any type of SM, but it’s a little less common. I also appreciate the privacy settings it comes with. 

But my favorite part of Instagram is scrolling through all the parenting tips, tricks, and items. I have a favorite account maintained by a baby sleep expert. She taught me about sleep cues and how to work with my baby to sleep. Her tips work in my home, and my baby sleeps! 

I love how I found parents who share similar moral and ethical beliefs and help me foster and expand these ideals in my home. I love how I find parental views completely opposite of mine, just to have a different perspective in my feed. (YES! You can disagree with someone online, and not be rude about it!) I have followed accounts that feature poetry about parenting, and accounts that promote great new products for moms and kids.

Instagram Parenting: Utilizing Social Media as a Helpful Resource | Duluth Moms Blog

Keep a Critical Eye Out

Instagram Parenting is certainly a funny name, but I truly find it a great resource. Of course, I do research opinions. I do not blindly play follow the leader. But I do love how stumbling across new Instagram accounts can act like a doorway into new concepts and ideas. Plus, I love seeing my feed fill of cute babies and puppies. 

I’ve even made my first Instagram friend! I came across her randomly as it turns out our kids have similar medical journeys. It is so nice to finally talk to someone who knows what I’ve been through. We chat and encourage each other when milestones happen. 

I’m not sure where the future of social media will take us, and I’m sure Instagram won’t be around forever. But, right now, it’s a great tool to help me occasionally problem solve. 

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