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A Succulent Infatuation

My succulent infatuation is strong. Last summer, most of my hanging baskets and deck plants contained succulents in some way, shape or form. My friends made fun of me but there is just something about tiny plants that are...

DIY: Simple Coatrack

Calling all ladies who want to complete a project and have it STAY that way.  Meals. Laundry. Cleaning. NEVER stay done. But this will! Let's get our build on and make a DIY coatrack.   My name is Anna, and sawdust is...
{Photo credit: New Earth Natural Light Photography} Falling in love with Chip + Joanna Gaines was a simple sell for me. From the first episode of Fixer Upper I watched, I was hooked; I loved their back and forth banter and...
Let's Talk Beauty Products Lately my children have been on this insanely awesome schedule of being up every few hours, only to rise for the day at the time the college kids are probably going to bed. In the mornings...
I know it's not true, but sometimes I feel like my kids' toys must be expanding, multiplying, and growing. I am not even sure how this is happening while at the same time toys inevitably go missing. Barbie shoes,...

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Questions to Ask When Considering Homeschooling

There are so many things we've had to do differently thanks to Covid-19, including education. Distance learning threw a lot of parents a big...