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Why Duluth Moms Love Bentleyville!


Our team of contributors and seasoned Duluthians have their best tips and tricks for you, mama! 

I Survived the Wait for Bentleyville! Here’s How!  ~ Mollie

“We would pack our own thermos of hot chocolate and a few cookies. The lines were always long and the kids wanted hot chocolate, but it was like, death by lava hot chocolate so they never ended up drinking it.” ~Heather 

  • This is still great advice this 2020 season! Bentleyville will not be providing popcorn, cookies, coffee, s’mores, or hot cocoa as usual.  Pack your own snacks to enjoy as you look at the lights.
  • This is also a great tip for if you have kids with food allergies and sensitivities!
  • Candy Sale- we recommend stopping by the nearest Holiday gas station before heading to the lights display to purchase a few Bentleyville candy bars for a $1 each. There are usually gas coupons and restaurant coupons on the wrapper, in addition to chances to win prize packages!

“I’m not gonna lie…I’m super excited about the drive thru this year. We are planning to have popcorn and hot chocolate as we drive through. And sit in a WARM car!!” ~ Erin

“Don’t go on opening night! Haha. Use the crowd o meter!” ~ Alyssa

“We love visiting the aquarium right before the lights are turned on. If you visit the sturgeon touch pools and then hangout by the big glass windows, it is so exciting to see the scenery go from pitch black to fully lit! Plus, then you already have parking.” ~ Andrea

“Eat at JJ Astor — it’s so fun to watch the lights from up there.”  ~Sharon


Are you from out of town and looking for more ideas of where to eat? Check out our Out of Town Visitors page for meals the whole family will enjoy.

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