Sheri Lindberg

Mom of one wild child, auntie of 4. Sheri enjoys photography, camping, hockey and spending time with family. Sheri is a part time student and a full time manager-hairstylist. She is quick witted and pretty darn good at puns.

A Cut Above: Back to School Hair Tips

I work in a hair salon and through the years, I've met many parents who ask questions about their kids’ hair, and teenagers who ask questions because they're just learning how to take care...

Random Acts of Kindness

I recently received a message from a friend asking if I would be interested in a challenge. It wasn’t your typical weight loss challenge or a social media-fueled challenge; it was a 365 day...

That Darn Phone: Battling a Plugged-In Addiction

One thing we can all relate to is that most likely all have cell phones. Most of us carry around smart phones flush with our favorite apps. Have you ever looked into what apps...

Baby’s First Haircut: Tips From a Stylist

Ahhh, the first haircut. It can be either a blessing or a curse. Some parents walk in with an I-can-do-this resolve or they wear a sheepish grin hinting at an apology to the stylist....