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Sara Strand

Superior stay at home mom of four, Sara is a blogger, book reviewer, always honest and sometimes funny. When she's not doing any of those things you can find her at a concert pretending she's 22 again. You can read more from Sara on her blog http://strandupdate.blogspot.com.

Taking a Stand Against Thanksgiving

I don’t remember much about Thanksgiving as a child. I know we obviously had some kind of big dinner because my mom would complain about having to cook it again. I remember the Thanksgivings...

Miscarriage: A Full Circle Experience

Surprise! I remember going to the OB office to get these weird cramps looked at. Honestly, I thought I had cancer. My kids were six and nine so I knew I definitely couldn’t be pregnant-...

Meal Planning for Dummies

My husband and I often reminisce about our saltine crackers with peanut butter days. If we had a particularly good paycheck back then, we’d use bread and feel like total ballers. We definitely were...

Bracing for the First Year: Don’t Let School Scare You

I remember when my oldest was starting Kindergarten and how stressful it all felt. Would she make friends or would she hide under a desk and cry? What if other kids bullied her? How...

Fourth of July: Celebrating My Favorite Holiday

It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I realized that the Fourth of July was actually my favorite holiday. Christmas is a close second because I like presents (for myself, thank...

Living Day-to-Day: Navigating Mental Health After Trauma

After the birth of my fourth child, I had an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. I wrote in a previous post about it in case you are unfamiliar with the rare phenomenon. Coming home was terrifying...

My Brush with Death: I Survived Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Going into my fifth pregnancy--fourth birth--I considered myself an expert level of parent. I have dealt with everything you can imagine, including a child vomiting poop. (Yes, that can happen and yes, it happened...