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Sara Strand

Superior stay at home mom of four, Sara is a blogger, book reviewer, always honest and sometimes funny. When she's not doing any of those things you can find her at a concert pretending she's 22 again. You can read more from Sara on her blog http://strandupdate.blogspot.com.
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Practicing Mindfulness: DIY Calm Down Jars For Everyone

Mindfulness is a trending topic lately, have you noticed? This past year has shaken a lot of lives, and in some moments it has been challenging to feel present. In stressful situations, calmness is...
Duluth screen free road trip

Screen-Free Road Trips with All of the Kids

If you’ve flown recently or have even looked at the prices of flights, you know the total cost is a punch to the gut. Struggling with the reality of the cost to fly our...
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Navigating the Teenage Sea Part 2 : Tips from an Almost Professional Mom

I feel like it is almost premature to give you my tips because I'm not done with the teen years, yet. I literally just registered my teen for driver’s education and just… pray for...
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Navigating the Teenage Hormone Sea Terrified: Part 1

I vaguely remember having my first daughter and I was straight terrified. I had never held a baby much less taken care of one. I babysat kids around ages 6 and up, and I...

Get Through the Winter Doldrums When you Despise the Outdoors

Doldrums: a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression. Doesn't this sound exactly like winter in the Twin Ports? I know I am a bit of a rarity in northern Minnesota/Wisconsin in that...

Quarantine is Not the Best of Me

I know I’m not special. I know I am not the only one struggling in this weird coronavirus quarantine haze we keep finding ourselves in. I know I am not the only mom of...

Simple Storage Solutions For Stuff You Have No Idea What To Do With

Raise your hand if you are forever looking for the other mitten that matches the one your child is demanding to wear. Or maybe you have a pile of artwork and whatever gets sent...

Take a Drive: Have Hard Conversations in the Car

I remember thinking when my oldest was very little that I would never end up cringing at the hard conversations. I was determined to be the mom who was upfront and gave blunt, but...

National Book Month: Celebrate With These Ten Books

Did you know that October is National Book Month? It's hard to keep up with all the celebrations these days, but you might have known this one if you're an obsessive reader like I...

Stop and Smell the Flowers: When Family Outings Disappoint

Our family, like so many of yours, has had a fairly low-key summer. We’ve done a good job quarantining and avoid people, so much so that my kids’ first car ride after the pandemic...