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Sarah Herrick-Smisek

Sarah, a Duluth native, has always found her happy place to be near the water. This love is shared with her husband and is something they enjoy passing onto their 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son as well. Sarah spends her days running two businesses, DLH Clothing and Šek Design with her husband, finding adventures with their children, and staying fueled up/energized by black tea and yoga.

Teen Pregnancy :: YWCA Duluth’s Young Mothers Program

Let’s take a little trip to a time when you found out you were pregnant. How did that look? What did you feel? For me, I felt irrational fear, both surprised by my pregnancy...

264, 400 Minutes: A Breastfeeding Journey

Let’s sing it together (think Rent’s Seasons of Love)... Two hundred sixty four thousand four hundred minutes. This is the time I’ve spent breastfeeding. Okay, so the number is a guesstimate and may be hard...

Your Northland Guide to Donating with Intention

Some call it seasonal cleaning, others are on a Home Edit kick or maybe, like me, an additional member will soon be joining your family and it's time to make more space in your...