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Patsy has lived in Duluth for the last decade and recently moved to Lakeside. She enjoys all types of crafting, especially sewing her own clothes. In her free time, you can usually find her somewhere near Lake Superior with her husband and 3 beautiful children.

Why This City Girl Gardens

I know. I know. You’re thinking, “Lady, I don’t have a green thumb. In fact, if there were such a thing as a thumbless gardener, that’d be me. I can not grow stuff in...

The Good Enough Mom: Accepting Humanity in Motherhood

We’re all guilty of jealousy when we consume social media--the fake Facebook family, the perfect Instagram pose, the Sanctimommy story of the century--we look at these things and we feel the hot, burning sensation...

Hear Me Roar: Shattering the Silence around Selective Mutism

The night before I sent my 5 year old to his first day of kindergarten, I sobbed. I cried because I was afraid. We have had a tumultuous year of change and growth and...

Over the Bridge and Under the Rainbow: Life on the Other Side of Infertility...

Before I had children, I always thought that conquering infertility would make me feel empowered and strong. I imagined throwing a party with banners explicitly telling infertility what I thought about it. I’d invite...

Why Hard Stuff is Good Stuff: Accepting the Storms of Life

When I look back on my life, I can pinpoint defining moments. Those moments of character encompass days of joy, days of sorrow, but mostly working through “hard stuff.” As I ponder the really...