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Leslie Sauve

Leslie is a socially adept introvert living in a very loud world of her making. She lives in Duluth with her husband and two tiny dictators, ages 5 and 2. When not at work she can be found in and around town surrendering to the demands of her brood while making memories and covertly attempting to wear them out. In her free time she enjoys travel, good people, most things fitness, great reads and old school hip hop.

Having It All Together?

Do we really, I mean really, want to “have it all together”? Maybe, but what does this even mean? Why is there so much pressure to find that work/life balance? If--or when--we’ve found our...

Online Dating… for Friends

All I want is to swipe right (is it right or left when you’re into someone? I’m way out of the game) and meet a new person down to share some witty banter/quips and...

January: National Radon Action Month

  January is national radon awareness and radon action month. Has your home or living space been tested? Radon/radon gas is an odorless gas produced from the natural decay of uranium and radium found in rocks...

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As most of us know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Additionally, October 13th is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. It is during this month that we encourage body awareness, preventative screenings, and...

I QUIT (yelling)!

I am tired of yelling. Tired of yelling at, with, and about my children. I do not want to yell. It is time to stop. I am not a “yeller” by nature, or nurture....

The Exhausted Empath

It’s hard. It’s hard feeling as though you are everyone’s “person”. Most obviously, I am the go to for my kids; I am their person for the good, the bad, the really bad (teaching...

Fun in the Sun: 4 Tips for Preventing Harmful UV Skin Damage

I think (hope!) that it’s safe to say summer in the Northland has arrived! With it comes more outdoor time. May was Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and so it's a great time to chat...

Positive Body Image: The Negative

So here’s a touchy subject and wicked slippery slope that I’m currently trying to navigate: Body acceptance and self love. I would like to start by saying that I am so grateful to those spreading...

Cancer: Say The Word, Spread The Word

Cancer sucks. I wish I were more eloquent but: cancer sucks. It has been both my personal and professional experience that not only does it suck, but it’s also a thief! A cancer diagnosis...

Lessons From My Two Year Old: Perseverance

I am a helping professional. In my 10-plus years in my field, I have met some incredibly resilient individuals. Individuals who have sacrificed immeasurable amounts of time and energy for what and whom they...