Kim Oppelt

A native northern Minnesotan, Kim lives in Duluth with her husband Chad and two kids, Maria (10) and Thomas (7). Kim works for an ed tech company based in Washington DC where she has a passion for college and career readiness. Kim loves to haul her kids to all of their activities and work on her non-profit providing teachers with innovative grants. She is currently completing her doctorate in educational leadership. When she can sneak some free time, Kim loves spending time on Island Lake, going to happy hour, and spending time with family and friends.

An Open Letter to My Child’s Teacher

I am writing this at a time where you’re likely welcoming the end of the school year with open arms...and I am doing the opposite. You see, I’m going to miss you. I’m going...
The Monster of Mom Guilt | Duluth Moms Blog

The Monster of Mom Guilt

We all know the feeling. It starts in the pit of your stomach and then morphs into an all-consuming sense of doom. No, it’s not indigestion. It’s mom guilt. Mom guilt can come in...

Four Conversations for Raising “Good” Kids

Last week we had conferences at my kids’ elementary school. We go through the same drill every time - discuss each class and subject and talk about what they’ve learned that quarter. Don’t get...
Five Reasons to Raise Kids in Duluth | Duluth Moms Blog

Five Reasons to Raise Kids in Duluth

When I was growing up, Duluth Minnesota was a metropolis to me. We’d travel there to go shopping, see the doctor, and visit family. Eventually I ended up attending college in the “big city”...

Cherishing The Middle Years

Everyone loves babies. We all know to fear the terrible two's (which all parents know is actually the terrible three's) and we love the cute smiles in kindergarten pictures. We look forward to the...

My Childhood Friends Are Still My Best Friends

I grew up in a small town. A place where there is one elementary school and one high school. There’s not even a middle school. You’re stuck with people there. It’s a place where...

Permission To Do It All

How do you have enough hours in the day? Do you EVER see your kids? You’re adding another thing to your list? These are all common questions in my life. All. The. Time. And the...