Kaila became a Duluthian four years ago after moving north from Minneapolis with her husband, Dan and son Haydn (5) to pursue adventure, a lifestyle change, and a new career for her spouse. The past few years have bought just that with the addition of two more to the family; Ada (3) and Ella (15 mon.). Kaila balances the demands of motherhood with working outside the home in commercial real estate. In her freetime she enjoys a good vintage furniture find, her coffee strong, and baking from scratch.

Potty Training Bootcamp

Potty training seems to be one of those dreaded stages that no mother likes to enter into and every mother rejoices when they've reached the other side. After successfully potty training three before the...

Taking Back the Dinner Table

In our home, we’ve always made family dinner time a priority, but each year the commitment seems harder to keep as our kids get involved in more activities and more events fill our weeknights.  In...

Confessions of A Recovering Chronic Decision Dodger

It’s true that I started out my parenting journey as a decision dodger. No decision was too big or too small; I would dodge them all. I could envision how every decision may decide...

A Helping Hand: Be An Every Day Hero

The helpers I love to campaign heavily on social media to “share the good.” I love to share the stories of ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. I’ve always felt everyone should know about these every...

Moms For Mondays: Make Mondays Great Again!

_ Here are a few proposals my campaign team, Moms for Mondays, would like to introduce to help jump start your week and make Mondays great again!   Prep Your Wardrobe Select daily outfits for yourself and...

Home for the Holidays

When you're a family that has relocated, away from extended family and friends, it becomes a bit of conundrum on how you will spend which holiday.  Who is coming where and when, packing and...

Back Seat Conversations: Let’s Talk About Feelings

“Why did you make that sound Mama?” came the question from the back seat of the car as we were making our morning rounds to school and daycare dropoffs. It caught me by surprise when...

Declarations of a Working Mom Who is Hanging by A Thread

Hey there drive thru lady with the three car seats in the back and a pile of heels in the passenger seat. I see you rolling to work with that look on your face. I'll be patient while you dig through your...

The Same Hands: My Experience with the Midwifery Model of Care

May holds International Day of the Midwife.  Midwives have attended to my prenatal care and delivery in two of my three pregnancies.  They have played a vital part in the success of my birth...


One of the most challenging parts of parenting for me is keeping my outlook and mood positive when I’m in the thick of a long week and short on time. I have to constantly...