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Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson is a copyeditor who spent eleven years living in Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior before moving back to her home state of New York with her husband and their two young daughters. Now she lives on the shores of Lake Erie (but admits that Lake Superior is called such for a reason). Her favorite pastimes include adding a splash of coffee to her creamer, reading articles about etymology and current grammar trends, and starting big projects but never finishing them. She's an Aries, an INFJ, and Enneagram 4, and enjoys taking personality quizzes on the internet.

I’ve Worked Hard for My Body

It’s the 21st century but somehow we’re still buying into the idea that the only women who have “worked hard for their bodies” are women who have toned, smooth, athletic, media-glorified physiques. As if the...

Duluth Core Learning: Helping Kids Show Off Their Smarts

When my oldest daughter was a baby I remember watching her breeze through her every milestone, usually early, and with an effortlessness that made me feel certain she was a bonafide genius. (I think...

Duluth Edison Charter Schools: Cultivating Creative Learners

For all of Duluth’s “small city” vibes (I haven’t left the house in three years without bumping into someone--or many someones!--I know), when it comes time to enroll our littles into school for the...

Let’s Talk About It: When Parenting Includes Trauma

Last night my three year old daughter, Joey, woke up whimpering with a bloody nose. What my husband didn’t realize when he entered the dark bedroom was that her bloody nose was more or...

It’s Tax Time! Save Smarter With MCCU

I don’t know about you, but I did a pretty good job of banishing reality for a few weeks over the holiday season. I happily shopped for two kiddos, family, teachers, and hosted parties...

When Joy Falters: Navigating a Toxic Relationship During the Holidays

I’m not sure when it started. Sometimes I look back and I feel like it must have hit me all at once; I can physically feel the force of my realization, even now. The...

Keep Your Peace of Mind With Reliable Insurance Agency

It’s that time of year again. No, not the slow creep into the holiday season, although that is definitely happening (I may or may not be eating a fun-sized Twix bar while also humming...

Voting: A Family Tradition

I celebrated my 18th birthday in March of the year 2000 (I know, I’m ancient) and the turn of the new century felt like it was a blank page waiting to be written. That...

Streamline Your Banking with MCCU’s Automated Services

I don’t know about you, but now that the school year has resumed, I spend every waking minute doing stuff. Half the time, I can’t even remember what stuff it is I’m doing, but...

The Case for Siblings Sharing Bedrooms

This morning I woke up about five minutes before my alarm went off to the sound of my three year old daughter calling out to her sister: “Wake Up! Wake up!” I stumbled out...