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Cyndi Frick

Cyndi is a busy entrepreneur and Type A+ mom of two boys who has been heard many times saying, “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” Owner and operator of FrickNGraphix, Co-Founder of a start-up indie skincare company called PH SIMPLY by PARIS HONORÉ, blogger at The Most Unlikely Mother and Go Au Pair, and author of The Most Unlikely Mother Unfiltered, she also enjoys cooking, fishing, entertaining, photography, listening to dance music through headphones while doing mundane housework, shopping online (a lot), and going for a really brisk morning run – “the colder the better; I don’t like to sweat!” Her family of four moved from the Twin Cities in May of 2017, and they are all loving being able to slow down and to live in the place they’ve always been drawn to.

Why Every Mom Needs a Selfie Stick

Okay, I am aware that I’m an extreme case when it comes to selfies, but admittedly I have an addictive personality… and isn’t the first step knowing and admitting you have a problem?  I...

How to Organize Your Life like a BOSS

  Running two businesses while simultaneously running a household, hosting events, and managing volunteering endeavors, well, I have to be organized, or my life will disintegrate. Imagine me to be the Yoda of planning and...

Don’t Pigeon-Hole Your Life with NEVERs

The problem with having a strong opinion AND an outspoken personality is that when you make finite statements that include the word “never”, well, you sentence yourself to be judged by a jury of...

How Can I Get My Sexy Back After Kids?

That title got your attention, didn’t it? Of course it did because we moms are mostly all in the same boat and are desperate to find where we misplaced our sexy after tiny humans...

My Biggest Mothering Fear: Racial Bullying

For ten long, irritating years, my husband begged me to move to the Duluth area.  Before last summer when I had finally given in (at which point, it was my idea – not his...
Why Is It So Hard to Make Friends as an Adult? | Duluth Moms Blog

Why Is It So Hard to Make Friends as an Adult?

People say that “breaking up is hard to do”, but what’s really hard is making friends as an adult! I’m not sure about you, but I love making new friends and meeting new people,...
What I Learned from Hosting My First Cookie Exchange | Duluth Moms Blog

What I Learned from Hosting My First Cookie Exchange

When I think about the holiday season, the blurry, whimsical childhood memories I reminisce about fade into pure stress bogged down with the pressure of finding the perfect gifts (gifts that evoke more happiness...
Why We Traded in the Big City for Duluth | Duluth Moms Blog

Why We Traded in the Big City for Duluth

My dad always used to love to reference our “Fresh Country Air”, but in my eye-rolling-quick-to-assume days of youth, I always thought he was somehow referencing the pungent odor of manure. What IS “Fresh...