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Christine is a baby-wearing mom-to-five, who are eight and under {8, 8, 6, 4, six months}. She works mostly as a stay-at-home mom who is always, ahem, always on the go, but also works as a part-time photographer at Christine Ann Photography, is a non-traditional student, and is a caretaker to her son as he goes through treatment for T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Christine is your resident hot mess mom and self-proclaimed master of Pinterest fails. She loves to travel, laugh, relax, pray, binge-watch Netflix while editing photos, and take entire showers without any interruptions. You can follow Christine's work as a photographer on Facebook And Instagram And follow her personal journey on Instagram And her son's medical journey on Caringbridge :) :).

How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

Most of us are taking daily photos on our cell phones. Being such an integral part of our lives, I thought I would share some of my favorite photography tips and tricks with you...

The Question You Should Never Ask

If you're looking for the quick answer to "What is the question you should never ask?" the answer is "Are you pregnant?" (And its various formats: when are you due/are you having a boy...

My Surprising Takeaway From The Giver

The year is 2014 and my husband and I sit down to watch a movie together. We decide to watch The Giver. It's been several years since I read the book and am curious...

The Simple (Yet Complicated) Reminder From A Ribbon

The hospital has become somewhat of a second home to my family between all the appointments we have there. Not only do we attend the typical, well-check appointments (which really add up when you're...

Beginning Minimalism… When You Have No Interest In Minimalism

To many, the word minimalism is intimidating. The image that comes to mind when I think of minimalism is basically the opposite of the toys, clothing, and stuffed animals surrounding me. I imagine an...
Big Families: Perspective from the Inside | Duluth Moms Blog

Big Families: Perspective from the Inside

The average family has 2.4 kids, and this seems pretty accurate from personal observation. Having five kids in our family, I thought it would be fun to offer some insight to some things I...

My Experience with Childhood Cancer and Ways You Can Help

We pulled into the permit-only parking lot I used to think was for employees only, and we made our way to the second floor of the hospital. The parking lot, I had since learned, was...
Dear Mom | Duluth Moms Blog

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, I just entered this strange new world a few weeks ago. From the moment we met there was this great energy coming from you and you looked so happy. You still look happy...

America’s Most Wanted and What It Taught Me about Parenting

On a day like any other day I decided to watch America's Most Wanted. (I have a weakness for reality tv - no judging!).  Anyway, I turned it on expecting to see some bad...
How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids | Duluth Moms Blog

How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

We are in the age of technology. When something new, interesting, exciting, fun, etc. happens, we often want to share it with our friends and family - typically through social media. When my twins were...