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Becca Eastvold is a recovering perfectionist. She longs to be known for loving God and people (in that order). She spends most of her days in yoga pants playing alongside her two sons. Her profession is kids' pastor at the Duluth Vineyard Church. Whether at home or work, you'll find her investing in the next generation. When an opportunity arises, she always asks if it's exciting and terrifying. If the answer to both is yes, she's on board. Never easily satisfied, she's always chasing the next messy adventure God is inviting her into.

Sometimes I Skip the Happy Meal

We don't eat out much in our house. With boys 2 and 5, it isn't the kind of dining experience my husband and I dreamed about before we had kids. Our most recent night...
Parking Lot Shame | Duluth Moms Blog

Parking Lot Shame

Shame, for me, shows up in the least expected places, when I'm paying little attention. I was picking up a cake for my son, Ian's, birthday party. I'd looked over my to-do list and was...
Our Five Things | Duluth Moms Blog

Our Five Things

It was one of those days where things kept falling apart. I had a baby who was stuffed up with a cold and couldn't sleep. My three-year-old didn't understand why I wasn't engaged in...
When "It's Gonna Be Ok" Isn't the Point | Duluth Moms Blog

When “It’s Gonna Be Ok” Isn’t the Point

My oldest started kindergarten last month. And with it, I started kindergarten—0r so it felt.  I'd been anticipating the day for a long time. I knew it would be tough, but I could never anticipate...

The Beauty I Miss

Six years ago, my husband and I were married on a warm overcast afternoon in Ohio. We'd planned, finalized our registry, and were finally ready for the big celebration.  I had one small surprise. As...

We All Have a Story

I've been on this self awareness journey. I've been challenged to recognize what triggers shame, defensiveness and anger. Each day, I'm looking for when each of these things show up in my life to...

Rock Bottom Honesty

I think there's power in sharing the stuff we think will change how people see us. We can sometimes think if we're really honest, we'll no longer be accepted. If they really knew me,...

“What Happened to Your Head?!” Friends

After sitting down in the chair, I looked up at myself in the mirror. I was excited and expectant of something new, something different. I was bored and searching for a simple way to reinvent my...

A New Way to Spell Love

This fall, I started reading a book called How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk. Each week I meet with a group of women to talk about the...