Amber Gilbert

Amber Gilbert is the mom of one 2 year-old, and the stepmom to two lovely teenagers. Amber grew up in Cloquet, studied English and Education at The College of St. Scholastica and Theatre in Colorado, before moving back to Cloquet to live with her husband after getting married five years ago. She has been a high school English and theatre teacher for 11 years and her husband is a stay-at-home dad. Amber enjoys cooking and meal planning, listening to true crime podcasts, and starting craft projects that she never finishes. She is excited to share all the ins and outs of raising toddlers and teenagers in a very blended family, and doing it pretty okay.

I’m a Teacher and Here’s What We Want for Christmas!

If you ask any teacher about the gifts they treasure the most, they'll probably tell you about the ones that cost the least. Personal notes, letters, or cards from you and your child are...

A Guide to Feeding Your Voracious Boob Monster at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

When our family took our first trip to Disney World, I knew that bringing our newly-turned one-year old would be a challenge. She was still nursing voraciously, and demanded I pull out a boob...

Anxiety and Postpartum Depression: Learning to Float

Anxiousness runs in my blood. Like sap from a 100 year old tree, it flows through my roots and limbs, waiting to be spilled and free. I spent most of my adult life waiting...

I Hate Camping. Let’s Go.

As you read this, I want you to remember one very important thing: I hate camping. I follow a few accounts of Chaco-wearing, handkerchief neck-banded, canoe-carrying women on Instagram. The type of women who leave...

My Child, the Velociraptor

As my child climbed onto the table, barrel-rolled off of it, and then ran like a linebacker into my husband's legs, I knew that the adage of “boys will be boys” was completely wrong....