elf on a shelf

At our house, our elf is named Judy.  Judy is super chill, she moves around every couple of days when she feels like getting into some mischief. She flies in on Black Friday and stays through Christmas Day to help us celebrate my daughter’s birthday. This year, I think we will quarantine her for 10 days or so.

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If youd like a Judy like ours, you can find her and her friends here.

Although it is absolutely not necessary to have Elf branded gear for your family’s elf, I will say that kids LOVE the surprise of a fun outfit or setting when they see it. It seems that each year there are limited edition accessories available for your Elf on the Shelf – the mermaid is one this year!

Elf’s Pets are such a fun edition to your Elf on a Shelf traditions! The reindeer is just one of three pets available.


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